Events and Meetings

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4-6 december 2019

Kick-off meeting 

Team building Project presentation: roles, interactions, schedules etc Competence analysis.

Organised by 
POLITO (Italy)  

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November 2020

First ToK Workshop 

Computational Modelling in compound design from structure to function in the field of nutritional supplements and diet. 

Organised by 
INSYB (Greece) 

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May 2021

Mid Term workshop: 

Strengthen synergies, evaluations.

Organised by 
ISI (Greece)

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June 2022

Second ToK workshop 

Platform Evaluation and Demo Presentation.

Organised by 
IDSIA (Switzerland) 

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May 2023

Third ToK Workshop 

Comparison between real and predicted data on organoleptic profiles.

Organised by 
UGR (Spain) 

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November 2023

Final presentation 

Two days workshops on activity carried out open to researchers of the field.

Organised by 
AYP (Spain) 


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